Brunch beverages are the best, in my opinion. They’re tart and tangy and a little effervescent–a great way to wake up, break the ice, and get the party started. And what’s not to love about a bloody mary?! The gluttonous amount of pickles, your favorite salty indulgence (olives), and a dash or two or eight of seriously hot hot sauce. Sounds like a great time to me!

Cordial & Craft creates fun and engaging Bloody Mary Bars for events ranging from festivals, like the Cashier’s Designer Showhouse, weddings, and other morning to mid-afternoon events.

So what makes a great bloody mary? I think it’s all in the garnish. Load it up with pickled okra, beans, and rim the glass with a spicy salt and I’m good! But, if you don’t have a good mix, the garnishes can only do so much.

Our friends over at Sister’s Sauce make a great mix. Handcrafted in Georgia, Sister’s Sauce is inspired and made with special events and entertaining in mind. Nat, the owner, likes to say that there’s no “special ingredient” to this mix. “It’s just a classic, simple bloody mary mix boasting tomato juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, Lea & Perrins Worcestershire, horseradish, Tabasco, salt, pepper and garlic.”

I also fully believe in the zero-proof bloody. Just a refreshing glass of tomato juice, citrus, and all the pickles you can feasibly fit. No need to imbibe in alcohol first thing if that’s not your thing! Whether it is primed with a bit of vodka, or made without, the ritual of crafting the cocktail, garnishing it with an architecturally questionable toothpick of toppings and dashing just a few extra doses of hot sauce is a morning practice that awakens the spirit.


Bloody Mary Bar full of all the accouterments: olives, pickles, and bacon