Adventures in Dining


There are few things more magical than sharing a table and a meaningfully crafted meal with others. This belief is what sparked the initial desire to start an event company, and what keeps it going! Experience food from right on the farm where it was grown. Hear from those whose hands tended, grew, picked, and washed the produce on the plate. Enjoy the creativity of the chefs and makers who transform raw ingredients into a memorable culinary adventure.


Sharing a Table
Cordial & Craft partners with other foodies, chefs, venues, makers, and creatives to host and imagine new ways to connect across the table. We craft casual and intimate dinner parties with curated atmospheres and special meals of local design. Sharing a table with friends, family, strangers, and guests is a way to elevate conversation, mood, and connection.
Sitting at a long table and breaking bread can be a way to showcase your farm, small business, or other creative industry. It can also be a unique way to celebrate family, take part in seasonal rituals, or bond with friends in an adventurous and regional experience in dining.


Sharing a Meal