So you want to get married, but you don’t want all the hullabaloo that goes along with it. Maybe you’re thinking about a destination elopement, or the mountains are calling and you must go…host a private, intimate gathering somewhere in the forest. The 50,000 guest list that somehow chisels its way down to a cool 200 is daunting. The seating arrangements for dinner, thoroughly looked over at least once a week and surely worries about more than that seem unnecessary. The ‘golden hour’ photos you know you need to take but it’s during dinner and everyone is just going to be waiting for you and hungry and maybe a little drunk and, oh–do you really need a full bar?!




Guess what: there is another way to celebrate! Some like to call this an ‘elopement,’ which conjures up images of Las Vegas, courthouses, and a getaway car. I am all about all of those things. But an elopement can also just mean an intimate wedding or dinner where you and your beloved and a select few folks you care about gather together. Maybe under the full moon, maybe at the courthouse steps, maybe at an Air B&B close to the Nantahala Forest. Here, you’ll get married, share in the things you love with those you love, and enjoy the day. 


Cordial & Craft will help you create the intimate space you’re wanting to host your elopement in. If you’re hoping to find an Air B&B to keep everyone in one place for a week-long family reunion style celebration, there are lots of great options! Our friend and photographer Chelsea Lane even came up with a handy Asheville Air B&B wedding guide. Whether you’re looking for a luxury downtown space for a private dinner or a cabin in the woods, you’ll find what you’re looking for!


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