This is a repost of a collaboration Cordial & Craft did with Olivette Riverside Community & Farm, Carson Lucci & Eric Burleson owners of ELDR Asheville (previously Over Easy Cafe), and 50/Fifty: The Art of Dessert. Scroll down or click here for a link to the full post over on their website, and images of the batched cocktails below. Article is originally written by Allison Smith.


Our summer Farm to Table Dinner on June 27th was a great success, one we were so delighted to share with all our friends and neighbors. If you were there, thank you for making the evening special! If you missed it, don’t worry… The photos from JCM Photography are in, and they’re just as gorgeous as the event itself.


Thanks to our event coordinator Arica, events at Olivette always run smoothly, but sometimes everything seems to fall into place in a special way and this was one of those times! Between the Goldilocks “just right” weather and the beauty of the French Broad River, the setting could not have been better, or so we thought until we were treated to a glorious sunset as the evening wore on. It made for the perfect backdrop for food and fun, both of which we had in abundance!



In a way, the food WAS the fun, or at least the introduction of it. The entire meal was created using as much fresh local produce as possible, with the first four courses provided by Over Easy Cafe. Food that good speaks for itself, but in this case Chef Eric spoke for it as well, giving us fascinating information about each dish as it was served. There was a real feeling of community in the way he discussed his process with us, and the way all the food prep tents were open so we could see the preparation ourselves. And of course there was the fact that much of the cooking was done over the open flame of our very own fire pit! Watching the transformation of these fresh local ingredients from raw vegetables to mouthwatering delicacies was really special. And who knows, maybe we’ll even be able to recreate some of the dishes ourselves someday thanks to Chef Eric’s tips and tricks.



Chef Eric and Over Easy Cafe knocked the food out of the park, of course, but 50/Fifty: the art of dessert held their own with a mind-blowing Blueberry Mascarpone Cheesecake with Lemon Cream. We washed it all down with farm fresh cocktails created by Cordial and Craft, with the proceeds from the bar going to our local partner charity Bounty and Soul, making the evening perfect on every level. It was such an honor to share this incredible food with our friends and neighbors, and an even greater honor to be served by some of the best young entrepreneurs in the thriving Asheville food scene. From building a commercial kitchen in a basement to waiting tables and saving tips to start a business, these foodie entrepreneurs have gone above and beyond to contribute to the local community and we could not be more proud to have helped support their vision in this small way.


Cordial & Craft Owner Lexie Harvey making cocktails for Olivette’s summer farm-to-table.



We plan on having another Farm to Table Dinner within the next few months, possibly in the fall, so please keep an eye out for more info! These events are too much fun and really not to be missed. Thanks again to everyone who attended, and all the local businesses who made the evening possible!